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Samsung sauce material you

The web giant is said to be working on a new design for the weather section of the Google app. More modern design, inspired by other weather services for smartphones as well as Material You for Android graphic icons.

The new Google Weather interface should change user habits like a hurricane // Source: NASA on Unsplash

Google continues to standardize the design of its services. After the Phone, Contacts and even Play Store apps, it’s the weather service interface’s turn to get a new look on the smartphone.

According to an informative article on the Internet 9to5Google Released on May 7, 2023, the web giant is said to be working on a new Weather screen design for the Google app. The interface adopts the graphic icons of Material You, the visual style that has been in development since Android 12.

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It doesn’t look like Google is close to a leak, since an employee of a multinational company was going to share screenshots of this graphical update on Twitter, according to 9to5Google. In the images we can see the differences with the current interface: if Google Weather currently offers three forecast tabs for “today“,”tomorrow“or some”10 daysComing soon, the new design features a weather-resistant monofilament cord.

While you currently have to scroll down the page for details on the evolution of the day’s temperature or precipitation, this information will now be displayed directly under the current temperature and Google’s little frog graphic. Likewise, the weather forecast for the next 10 days is shown next.

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Samsung sauce material you?

An interface that generally displays the same data as the previous one, but in a Google font and with round Material You-style buttons and icons. This also appears to be the case for the new entries dedicated to the temperature changes of the day, according to the Google employee’s photos.

In addition to these Google-specific elements, the presentation in one thread and the placement of weather data, however, are reminiscent of another service: Samsung weather app.

So it seems that the multinational company is inspired by its competitors to modernize its services. It is hoped that it will continue to follow this path by eventually offering the Weather app separate from the Google app to give users more options.

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