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Sam Bennett traded with the Panthers

Sam Bennett traded with the Panthers

Sam Bennett may have enjoyed himself with Darryl Sutter’s Calgary Flames, but the fact remains that Calgary Flames’ fires sent him to other skies.

Here he is in Florida against potential second-round casting, Emile Heinemann.

This equates to two choices in the second round.

So The Panthers will be looking for a guy who earns $ 2.55 million. His contract will expire this year, but he will be a tied free agent.

He and Victor Mette wanted to leave and finally got theirs.

Placing Aaron Eccblad on the hit list allows Bennett to get on quite easily and without breaking their heads too much.

He never lived up to expectations, regardless of position. Will he get there with the Panthers, in a team where expectations are high?

That remains to be seen.

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– Things are moving in the NHL.

– COVID-19 strikes in Gatineau.

– Game canceled tonight?