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“Salut Bonjour”: Honored by Gino Chouinard at the National Assembly

“Salut Bonjour”: Honored by Gino Chouinard at the National Assembly

host to Hello good MorningGino Chouinard was present at the National Assembly on Tuesday, where parliamentarians honored him for his long career as an interlocutor.

The man who will leave running the TVA morning show on June 21, after 17 consecutive weekday seasons as host — plus four on weekends — has been moved to the stands of Salon bleu, where he took his place in particular. With his wife, Isabelle Gauthier, and their two children, Marylou and Nathan.

Stevens LeBlanc/Journal de Quebec

The Minister of Culture and Communications, Mathieu Lacombe, made an unannounced motion in appreciation of Gino Chouinard's trip after the question period.

In the proposal, the minister praised the “exceptional qualities of the communicator” and the “sincere kindness” of Gino Chouinard towards viewers. The wording also spoke of his “great severity” in his interventions on television and in business, as well as his “good sense of humour.”

“Being part of the daily lives of Quebeckers for more than two decades is a wonderful gift of life, but it is also an enormous privilege. Mr. Chouinard always rose to the occasion. Day after day, he rose at dawn to accompany the public in their morning rituals. “Imagine doing this for more than 20 years,” Minister Lacombe said during his speech for only a few years.

Stevens LeBlanc/Journal de Quebec

Robert Baldwin Liberal MP Brigitte B. said: Hello good Morning Sabah Quebec Foundation. Mr. Chouinard won the hearts of Quebecers after the Lac-Mégantic derailment, as, while at his home in Estrie, he rushed to help the victims in the aftermath of the tragedy without asking for the slightest recognition,” said M.I Garceau, emphasizing his qualities as an entrepreneur, owns a branch of the Chocolats Favoris chain in Boucherville.

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Saul Zanetti, Jean Lesage's deputy for Solidarity, continued: “Here we define the facilitator: the dynamic element in the collective project. This word comes from the Latin animation, which means giving life. For 21 years, Gino Chouinard has certainly been there Hello good Morning A dynamic element brings life to this essential show on Quebec television. Facilitation is of course knowing how to communicate, but above all it is knowing how to listen. […] During all these years Hello good MorningMornings weren't the same, but for many people it was reassuring to start the day with someone you know and love. I know, Mr. Chouinard, that you still have some offers coming up. I am available for all topics, my favorites are politics, love and limoncello.

Finally, the PQ deputy in Matane-Matapédia, Pascal Berubet, who is Annie-Soleil Proteau's husband from Hello hello weekend He took the floor to honor his role as host.

Stevens LeBlanc/Journal de Quebec

“Geno Chouinard is an early riser in Quebec. For 20 years, Gino Chouinard has not only been an entertaining presence Hello good MorningBut I dare say reassured. Gino Chouinard has established himself as a kind and charitable figure among the public through information, culture, sports, interviews, entertainment and his great sense of humour. He's a unanimously acclaimed presenter, which is saying something in today's media world. […] Gino Chouinard is also a great leader of his colleagues, and I can attest to that, my partner has worked with him for years.

The 56-year-old was then scheduled to receive the MP's Medal during a ceremony to which the media were not invited.

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