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USA, Canada, Bahamas : Salaün Holidays édite sa nouvelle brochure HUGH!

Salan Holidays is releasing its new great brochure!

New Auto Doors and integrated:

“On the Montreal & Quebec Train” (9 days)

“Quebec is natural” : Immerse yourself in the experience with family at the Pure Quebec Traditional Hotel (Tippy, wooden house, tent in natural reserve, etc.).

“Memories of New England” : A 12-day self-propelled tour to explore the 5 states of the region (Massachusetts-Maine-Vermont-Rhode Island-New Hampshire)

“Southern Perfumes” : A 2-Week Self-Driving Tour in the Heart of the Deep and True America (Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee)

“Texas Farm and Cow Boys” : Deep discovery in Texas with Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and 2 night stay at a real farm in Bandera. (11 day self drive)

“Pacific Wine Trail” : From San Francisco (13 day self drive)

“Vancouver Island: Dream Escape by Seaplane” : Each phase of this combination, which includes a whale watching ship in a zodiac, is delivered by sea plane (10 days)

“Alaska, Final Boundaries” : Self-driving (12 days)

In 2022, Hugh! With 2 new auto tours designed for in-depth exploration of the states of Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana, the American Rockies are proud of: “Wild Escape in the Great American West” (15 days) and “In the Footsteps of the Great American West Pioneers” (16 days), With glowing nights in Yellowstone Park.

New tours in small groups

“Losine and Florida” : 12 day tour (departure dates for 29 participants only)

“East American, Cultural Capitals” : Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington … 9 day tour (departure dates for 24 participants only)

“Canada and the United States” : This 14-day tour to explore Canada and the US East has a classic formula (departure plans for 29 participants only) and premium (high-end, central hotels, Niagara Falls, etc.)

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