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Saint-Malo – The Australian and New Zealand rugby team visiting Saint-Malo

Saint-Malo – The Australian and New Zealand rugby team visiting Saint-Malo

The World Army Rugby Championship 2023 (CMMR) will be held in Brittany from August 16 to September 10. This international sporting event will bring together over 500 players and managers for 30 matches played in 26 Breton venues. Teams will be hosted at eight sites in Brittany. Of the twelve countries in the competition, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Fiji, Ireland, New Zealand or France. The championship final will be held on September 10 in Vaughan (56).

Delegations from Australia and New Zealand passed through Brittany last week. They stopped in particular at Dinard, Saint-Malo and Saint-Père-Marc-en-Poulet. CMMR to XV 2023 Organizing Committee Col. Denis Host, General Staff Officer, Western Zone, says he is delighted with the reception. He feels “a spirit of camaraderie and intensity, a team spirit and cohesion that goes well with the spirit of rugby”.

Australian team base camp at Saint-Père

The Saint-Père-Marc-en-Poulet club will host the Australian team as its base camp for training, which will be held in Dinard. A chance for Mayor Jean-Francis Richeux to highlight two rugby fields and a rugby school in his town.

In each host municipality, cultural and sports events are offered with foreign teams. In Saint-Malo, there is talk of a match on the beach. In Saint-Père, we are thinking of an exhibition, a conference on the history of “sport – military”, a meeting with young people. The delegates visited sports facilities, pitches with integrated irrigation system, changing rooms, meeting rooms and ancillary facilities such as pump track or basketball court.

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