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Saint-Lupicin.  A Leap into Science by Maud Pfeiffer and Marceau Bourret |  Weekly 39

Saint-Lupicin. A Leap into Science by Maud Pfeiffer and Marceau Bourret | Weekly 39

Directors: Marceau Burri and Maud Feiffer

Maud Pfeiffer from Saint-Lupicin, Olivier's daughter, a retired school teacher and mountain bike guide, is well-known in the village, having studied applied arts in Besançon, then photography in Belgium.
She has since become a professional photographer and filmmaker, and directed the film “Animal Model” which was selected in the competition program of the 46th International Documentary Film Festival “Cinéma du Réel”.
The film was screened on Tuesday, March 26, with a debate, and on Friday, March 29, at the Pompidou Center in Paris, as part of the “Cinéma du Réel” festival.
Then it was among the selections of the New Art + Film + Vienna Festival, which was held in Vienna, Austria, from May 8 to 12, 2024, with a video discussion session.
It was shown again on Wednesday, May 22, at the Studio Tours cinemas, in the presence of Maude and Marceau Bouret, the sound director.
Finally, Fraternelle and its Cinema Room will welcome Maude and Marceau to screen their film on Wednesday, June 5 in Saint-Claude, followed by a discussion.
Legitimately, Maud seems particularly excited at the prospect of programming the film in this beautiful room at the Maison du Peuple/La Fraternelle…

What will the viewer see?

The film immerses the viewer as close as possible to the life of insects, in an almost speechless sensory experience, in a world of research and experimentation. This is the director's first film, as one of them, Marceau, is originally a musician, and the other, Maud, is a trained photographer. However, this medium-length documentary opens the way for reflection on the relationship between humans and living things.
The film has been in the works for the makers since the end of 2019.
“We have been interested in living organisms and in the human relationship with living organisms for a long time,” they explain…
Must see.

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