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Saint-Gobain sells two specialty retail brands in the United Kingdom

Saint-Gobain sells two specialty retail brands in the United Kingdom

(AOF) – Saint-Gobain has signed agreements to sell its exclusive tile distribution business in the UK to CTD Tile Group, Aurelius Investment. The transaction is expected to close by the end of the first quarter of 2022. CTD Tile Group employs 580 people and has 89 point sales, with a turnover of around 5 115 million by 2021.

Saint-Gobain has signed deals to sell Ideal Bathrooms, its last distribution brand specializing in plumbing, heating and sanitary ware in the UK, with sales of around 60 60 million by 2021. Ideal bathrooms sold in Wolseley UK. And the transaction is expected to close in April 2022.


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