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Saint-Etienne. Le Cabas, in the heart of the Espace Boris-Vian solidarity grocery store

The project “Le Cabas: Solidarity Grocery Store”, is the organization and management of a grocery store and restaurant area for the residents of the Chavanelle region and Avenue Antoine-Durafour. Thanks to a partnership led by Boris Vian, the Social Center team, I was born.

From our correspondent, Anne Marie Joffe
Today at 7:00 pm

The project was born from the observations of Espace Boris-Vian managers during the Covid-19 pandemic. At the time, schools reported that families had great difficulty with food. Parents who lived in “odd jobs” found themselves without any income and began to experience economic difficulties, particularly in obtaining food supplies.

Go beyond just gathering food

Since children no longer eat in the canteen, families’ food budgets have been severely affected. Since the beginning of confinement, the social center has launched an appeal to its members, but also via social networks, to collect food. A collection structure was organized within the center and donations poured in.

Storage was organized and families in difficulty were able to come and collect parcels every week. But those in charge of the community center wanted to go further than just collecting food. They wanted, in addition to food aid, to offer nutrition education, intergenerational meetings, and to strengthen social bonds.

The Cabas Principle: Exchange, Listen, Cooking Workshops, Inventory Management…

Le Cabas wants to be a place of welcome, listening and exchange to help people regain their self-respect and the desire to turn to others. Group activities will be offered there such as cooking workshops, managing the venue, storing and cleaning it, organizing harvest tours, shelving, and stock management. All this to allow residents far from the world of work to give their time and develop their skills.

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Opening scheduled for September

Le Cabas will open on September 29, avenue Antoine-Durafour, in the premises purchased by EPASE. The General Development Corporation of Saint-Etienne has invested 190,000 euros in renovating the place, which will be completely renovated. Thus, there will be, on the ground floor, a room of about one hundred square meters which will house the grocery store and the kitchen, and on the upper floor, a cold room, an office and a meeting room.

So that everyone can enjoy this place of life, the meals will be free prices. But the leaders also want to promote healthy and environmentally friendly food by favoring local production, short circuits, organic farming, reducing animal proteins, collecting unsold organic produce and bulk purchases.

Espace Boris Vian, 3 avenue Jean-Claude Tissot. Website: Cabas is looking for volunteers. Please call 04 77 41 07 26 EPASE: Saint-Etienne General Foundation for Development

CAPAS is sponsored by the Transdev Foundation and STAS

On Thursday, Nicolas Pesset, Director of STAS and representative of the Transdev Foundation, presented Agnès Delaveau, President of Espace Boris-Vian, with a check for 13,000 euros.

STAS is a domestic subsidiary of Transdev Group. The Transdev Foundation supports local community initiatives. This is how the “Le Cabas” project this year attracted the attention of the Foundation, which chose to intervene in the field of social mobility by supporting this initiative that allows residents to move forward and advance their life path.

Work objectives: combating food insecurity, facilitating access to basic commodities for people in great difficulty, providing assistance to people in economic difficulties.

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