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Saint Daisier.  Breast cancer affects men too

Saint Daisier. Breast cancer affects men too

health. If breast cancer is a disease that is regularly associated with women and rightly so, then this phenomenon affects men as well. Between detection, treatment and treatment, abdominal surgeon François Trine tells us more.

Every year in France, more than 54,000 new cases of breast cancer are registered, according to the latest figures published by the National Cancer Control League. Breast Surgery Support Society participates in Pink October. At the head of the latter for twenty years, we find Dr. François Trine. As a visceral surgeon in Francois Clinic 1Verse De Saint-Dizier: “Men are welcome too.”

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What is the relationship between breast cancer and men? This phenomenon is not always known, but the latter accounts for approximately “1% of people with breast cancer,” as the health professional identifies. The number has remained constant over the years. And despite its weakness, it should not be ignored: “Men are more sensitive to prostate and testicular problems. Since few people are affected by breast cancer, they tend to underestimate it.”


Step one: inspection. A lump or red spot around the areola (above the nipple), retraction or localized pain are signs of suspicion. You should then talk to your doctor about it.

This first point should continue with the examination period. “You should first have a mammogram, before proceeding with a mammogram.” Mammography is not technically feasible for all men: you must have a sufficient breast size for this examination. However, these two examinations are not sufficient to identify breast cancer with certainty. “As with all cancers, there must be histological evidence,” that is, microscopic analysis that can only be done after a biopsy in the case of breast cancer. An operation that the specialist compares to a “puncture”, using a needle, directly into the breast.

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after diagnosis

Then the results come. If breast cancer is diagnosed, the process is also very specific. The patient begins with an initial specialist consultation (CS) with a radiologist and then a surgeon. In the process, the surgeon, physician, chemotherapy specialist, oncologist and radiotherapist organize a multidisciplinary committee meeting (RCP) that is systematic to discuss the exact situation of the patient and develop a personalized care program. The patient is then informed of the items during a second CS session. As Dr. Train explains, “The patient always has an opinion, if for example they don’t want to have chemotherapy, that’s their right.”

The operation takes “one hour without pain”. But the tracking doesn’t stop there. A new patient consultation with an oncologist, and a new cardiopulmonary resuscitation make it possible to determine the treatment scheme for a person with cancer. Follow-up can vary more or less between radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy.

Apart from radiotherapy (in Reims), François Trehoun concludes that “the whole management is done here, in Saint-Disier”.

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This Sunday, October 30, Braggard’s pink steps will take off, as she departs from Stade Charles Jaquin. The meeting was scheduled for 10 am. Walk or run two routes of 6 and 12 kilometers without difficulty. On this occasion, the Braggard Merchants Association funded the manufacture of pink shirts, 250 of which will be presented to the first registered. There will also be firefighters and the Cancer Control League. Registration for 12 years. This is the last activity of the month in the north of the circle.

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