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Sailing is fun again

Sailing is fun again

After more than two years of absence, the return of cruise ships to the port of Montreal is a delight for the region’s merchants, who live thanks to the passage of tourists in Quebec City.

“Everyone is very optimistic about the season. It seems like everything is suddenly back to normal. And we’re going to take it!” says Rayon Montreal souvenir shop owner Jeslyn Harvey.

Gislan Harvey, owner of a souvenir shop, is happy to have the cruise passengers back.

QMI’s photo by Mario Beauregard

Gislan Harvey, owner of a souvenir shop, is happy to have the cruise passengers back.

The red container that serves as Mr. Harvey’s store is located directly on the Corniche of the Old Port. It is a popular place for tourists, especially those who disembark from cruise ships that dock a few meters away.

The first ship of the season just arrived on Saturday morning, marking the end of more than two years without a presence in the city’s port.

“The sun’s out and the weather’s getting hotter and hotter. It’s a nice day to walk around. The problem is we’re only going to be here for six hours,” laughs Larry Edland, from Indiana in the US, a few minutes after you set foot in Montreal.

drink and eat

A few steps away, the staff of the Seasalt Restaurant were preparing to open their terrace on the Rue de la Commune.

“People who come down [des bateaux de croisière] We are happy to stop, eat and drink before continuing to walk,” says Giles, associate director of the foundation.

“Every summer we are very, very busy when they arrive,” adds Van Winkle Sandwiches owner Song Lu, located on Saint-Paul Street.

Profits on time

“Cruise passengers are people who like to pass the time when they get somewhere,” notes, happily, Mr. Harvey.

“We have been waiting for cruises to return to Montreal for a long time! This is excellent news for Montreal, which will benefit from exceptional economic benefits, but also for the tourists who will have the opportunity to visit our wonderful city,” said Tourism Montreal President and CEO, Yves Lalumiere.


After two more difficult years, Gislaine Smiri is looking forward to the 2022 season with a smile.

“I’m so upbeat, I almost feel like I’m back in 2019. Saturday was my first day and my stocks are really low,” says Boivin & Hastings Maple Product Store Manager.

“Tourists seem to be coming back slowly, and that affects our sales a lot [positivement] Gabrielle Roillard, waitress at Franklin’s Subs and Suds on Saint-Paul Street, confirms.

Characters that make you smile

  • between 38000 and 50000 International passengers are expected to arrive at the port of Montreal this year.
  • in all 45 visits striped from 16 ships Different.
  • cruises from United Statebut alsoIcelandThe United kingdom AndGermany Will stop in particular in Quebec City between now and October 31.

Source: Montreal Cruises

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