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Safiya Nolin launched Rue de l'ours in "wack edition" and "Sunday edition"

Safiya Nolin launched Rue de l’ours in “wack edition” and “Sunday edition”

in the darkNet Nolin’s latest album dates back to 2018. She also released the album in 2019 Folder repeats. 2, in which she covered the songs of Gabriel Destroissons, Isabelle Boulaye, and Indochine, among others.

According to a statement, Ber Street was originally composed for six degreesAnd the Simon Poliris TV series. she is talking Difficulties in adolescence, the most ingratitude of life, according to the musician. The song was designed in collaboration with director and saxophonist Felix Pelletier, who has worked exclusively with Laurence-Anne and Les Louanges.

I didn’t want to choose between the two at all [versions de la chanson]Worst, Safiye says Nolin, I don’t want to choose for the world either. Faque decided to make two copies of it; The best of both worlds.

Each copy is accompanied by a music video directed by Safiya Nolin, One for Sunday version, featuring his dog Pizza-ghetti and the other for Friend’s version, more abstract.

Back on social media

In an interview with Eugénie Lépine-Blondeau, a cultural columnist at all morningThe singer has opened up about her loopholes on social media. The last time I posted on Facebook was to explain his absence Everyone is talking about it.

I’m excited to release new music, but I hope the cultural community can welcome me as an artist, and that’s it, without asking me to go back to work, she explained.

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The singer will also return to the stage after a few years of personal concerts. You will be part of the cast at the BleuBleu Festival, in Carleton-sur-Mer, at the end of June, as well as at the Festival en chanson de Petite-Vallée, in Gaspésie, at the beginning of July.

A double concert with Martha Wainwright will also be presented at the La Nous Festival, in Chicoutimi, on July 8.

With information from Eugénie Lépine-Blondeau, the show’s cultural columnist all morning.