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Sabrina Cournoyer pays tribute to her lover and he is very touching

Sabrina Cournoyer pays tribute to her lover and he is very touching

To celebrate the couple’s anniversary, Sabrina Kornoyer posted an adorable tribute to her husband, an engineer at Hydro-Quebec, on social networks.

Here are some excerpts below:

« […] You are my lover, but also my best friend.

You have given me confidence in a good job.

You teach me to love better.

She also teaches me day by day to accept love in return.

“I know I’m lucky.

Privilege to infinity.

You’ve seen me have the worst anxiety attacks.

Worst of all, it didn’t scare you. I stayed.

You flatter my hair when I cry.

You are patient when I am impatient.

You take care of me and you also teach me to take care of myself.

to do nothing.

And to be okay with that. “

“You support me in all my projects.

You make me laugh. (Although sometimes I roll my eyes.)

You listen to me telling long stories that aren’t too elaborate with too many details.

You know me by heart.

I even think you know me better than I know myself. Read her full text in the post below.

Gino Chouinard commented on the post with the emoji of snowmen in love while Julie St-Pierre wrote this: Wonderful! 2 happy years, friends! I wish you to continue this path of happiness for two. Lots of beautiful things to come. ❤️❤️❤️ »

We wish them many years of happiness together!

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