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SAAQclic: A digital portal to facilitate procedures for motorists

the gate legCLIC, available from Monday, allows you to exchange your driver’s license, obtain a registration certificate or print your driving record, without having to go to a branch of leg Nor to contact one of its representatives.

To take advantage of these online services, customers must first create an account with the government’s authentication service. You will need to bring your Social Security number, health insurance card, driver’s license, and Notice of Assessment Number issued by Revenu Québec.

It’s a matter of security, we want to make sure that when we get to know someone, it’s the right personnotes Dave Locklear, vice president of Marketing, Road Safety Strategies and Employee Experience at leg.

Once this is done, you can access your customer account with license, registration, plate status, etc.

We’ve gone from 300 systems that are 40 years old to a single system with 10 billion data, so it’s really quite a shift. »

Quote from Dave Locklear, Vice President of Marketing, Road Safety Strategies and Personnel Experience for SAAQ

For example, it will not be necessary to go to the counter to transfer ownership from one individual to another. If you buy a car from someone on a website, it doesn’t matter, you can make this transaction online.

In total, these are 50 new services that are available at all times and popular gradually […] More services will be added over the next few months. there leg He informs that there will be a break-in period, which should last about three months, in particular to allow employees to familiarize themselves with the new tools.

The opening of the portal was disrupted Monday morning, due to a computer problem with the capacity of one of the servers. The situation has been restored, but there will obviously be a lot of traffic.

For services not available online, appointments are preferred

The state company recommends that motorists whose transaction is not yet available on the Internet make an appointment before going to the service center.

there leg Users are also required to prioritize paying for driver’s license renewal and registration through the financial institution.

The government spent $458 million to complete it legclick.

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