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SAAQ will launch its new digital platform on February 20th

(Montreal) Company President and CEO Denis Marsoulais announced Thursday morning that the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ)’s new digital platform, SAAQclic, will be operational beginning February 20.

At a press conference, SAAQ leaders unveiled the changes brought about by the shift to modernity, in particular the ability to carry out most transactions remotely.

“It’s a huge shift that will ensure that we really put the citizen at the center. It will allow them to conduct a range of transactions from the comfort of their own home,” the manager said.

According to Mr. Marsaulis, the main objective is to ensure customer independence, increase the efficiency of services and avoid the need for individuals to travel to the province’s 142 service points. They will be able, for example, to transfer a license plate from one individual to another, as well as access all their documents in digital format.

SAAQclic will ensure “one-stop” customer service, said Carl Malenfant, SAAQ Vice President of Digital Experience, particularly by bringing together all customer information in one place.

Through this centralization, 9 out of 10 billion files created over time will be filtered and deleted, which will greatly ease the system.

“We want to be more preventive and proactive in relation to the customer. We also aim to free up space in terms of work effort, so that we can allocate more time to our customers with special needs,” he explained during the press conference, adding that employees were waiting “with interest” for this change. .

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The council also announced that the new platform, with a bill of 458 million, will make it possible to mitigate the problems related to labor scarcity, in addition to “absorbing” growth expectations of 2% over the next few years.

Since its inception in 1978, the company has seen a growth of 81% in the number of permits and 137% in registered vehicles, but it still uses the same technology to deliver its services. In 2021, SAAQ recorded approximately 25 million transactions across Quebec.

appropriate needs

Although the motto of the new platform is autonomy, the company’s leaders have declared that they want to maintain comprehensive services for all users of the network.

Our staff will have more time to support customers with special needs. We are well aware that some clients will necessarily have to travel.

Jean-Philippe Mackenzie, Vice President of Safe Access to the Road Network

He emphasized that individuals who have difficulty reading or writing, immigrants, people with hearing impairments or those who are not familiar with technology will always be able to access appropriate services, whether in person or over the phone.

The data will be transferred to SAAQclic between January 26 and February 19, during which time it will be impossible to make a license or registration payment directly to the company. The vice president noted that customers would instead have to turn to online services or their financial institution’s counters.

SAAQ has specified that service points and call centers will remain open throughout the transition, with customers only being invited to travel for “essential services.”

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During this period, customers will still be able to validate their driver’s license, replace a lost or stolen license, check their vehicle’s compliance or take a practical driving test. Operations will take place “in manual mode”, that is, without technology. All traffic control activities on the network will also be preserved.

“In complete transparency, as of February 20th, customers can certainly expect delays a little longer than usual. […] Our staff will be in a learning period during this period, so we will ask to avoid coming without an appointment,” Jean-Philippe Mackenzie added.

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