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Ryan Gosling doesn't like the name Putin

Ryan Gosling doesn’t like the name Putin

Although Canadian English tried to steal it from us, everyone knows poutine is Quebec’s national dish.

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That’s why it has a French name. Cheese Fries.

On the other hand, when it comes time to say it out loud, a large percentage of English speakers find it difficult to say it. Rather they say Teen Bo. But not Ryan Gosling.

During a promotional tour for the movie gray man The actor born in London, Ontario has been visiting the Lad Bible offices. He was sharing a capsule in which he ate “Canadian” (not really) and British snacks.

One of the dishes he tastes there is poutine, and he insisted he was not a fan of that name.

“I don’t like the name ‘Putin.’ I wish it was something else,” said the 41-year-old actor. We can suspect it has something to do with a particular Russian president…

Americans say Teen Bo.Not just Americans, Ryan.

Despite his disdain for the name, he kept bothering to pronounce it correctly. Unlike the entire West Island.

In 2023, we could see the actor playing Kane in the big screen adaptation of Barbie.

Also on a bag of potato chips

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