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Rugby League – Australia and New Zealand want to co-host the 2025 World Cup

After France pulled out of hosting the 2025 Rugby League World Cup in multiple formats (armchairs, women’s, men’s and youth), Australia and New Zealand have shown interest in a joint bid.

France’s misfortunes may cause Australia and New Zealand to rejoice. The Rugby League World Cup (Armchairs, Women’s, Men’s and Youth) will not be held in France due to lack of funding. Exit the “France 2025” project. Bargain view of Oceania! New Zealand Rugby League Federation director Greg Peters isn’t hanging around. Within 24 hours of France’s withdrawal announcement, he publicly announced it in local media itemsNew Zealand and Australia react to resumption of four-match format: “Luc Lacoste (Chairman of the French Rugby League) and France 2025 have done their best to make this happen. But this was a step too far and in the political and economic uncertainty that reigns in France at the moment, it does not help the situation. With our colleagues at the ARLC, we are interested in exploring alternative projects in this part of the world ((Australian Rugby League Federation) Others, to create an alternative and exciting tournament that could transform France 2025.”

Pacific Islands on Adventure?

This joint organization will not be the first: the two countries, along with Papua New Guinea, hosted the event in 2017. Also, Greg Peters did not rule out that the two countries would join other countries. The Pacific Islands may also host the tournament. “To truly bring an element from these countries is special and honors the contribution of the Pacific Islands to our great sport.”, he hoped. The Australian and New Zealand federations are currently seeking funding to host the Rugby League World Cup.

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