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RTX 4060 Ti appears on Geekbench!

The RTX 4060 Ti is supposed to be loose at NVIDIA media partners. Indeed, A.J leaked From Geekbench score comes from to the surface. The latter emphasizes certain things such as frequency or characteristics. But it also means we’re getting seriously close to launch.

RTX 4060 Ti: First Geekbench Score!

For once, this capture confirms a lot of assumptions about the true characteristics of the card. Admittedly, assumptions are becoming almost certain, but as long as nothing is official, it’s hard to be 100% certain. Things may develop until the official launch of the product.

In short, this capture confirms the supposed characteristics of the card. Thus, the 4060 Ti will have a chip containing 34 SMs for a total of 4352 koda core. As before, the total memory capacity rises nicely to 8GB while it runs at 18GBps. Finally, we will also keep the frequency reinforces Reaching 2540MHz… although this value may vary from reference to reference.

As for the score, in the current mode, the score displayed is 146,170 points. Granted, it’s generally superior to the RTX 3060 Ti, but the gap isn’t surprising either. Especially considering an average of between 120,000 points and 130,000 points with some scores closer to 138,000 points for the 3060 Ti.

Let’s see at launch if that changes. But it is not impossible to deal with an event that did not happen.

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