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Royalty, you know?  - Kate Middleton's ancestor was the first president of the United States

Royalty, you know? – Kate Middleton’s ancestor was the first president of the United States

Kate Middleton’s legacy has revealed unexpected family ties, especially with US President George Washington.

In the wedding announcement Kate Middleton With Prince William On 2011, Who is going to be the Duchess of Cambridge was put in front of the media scene and raised many questions. Especially her descent: a simple commoner who is going to marry someone from the British royal family?

These questions of inheritance quickly aroused the interest of experts who had meticulously observed the case. Research by the New England Society of Historical Heritage has revealed less, less unexpected results, including the family relationship with George Washington, the first president of the United States, during the prince’s wedding. . The results were made public in January 2011 with the publication of the book “The Ancestry of Catherine Middleton”.

Guy is a distant relative of Richie

This is the full descent of the man known to us as the heir of Carol Middleton, the former flight attendant and former air traffic controller Mike Middleton. Today millionaires come from middle-class families, including those who specialize in selling festive items (cardboard, balloons …) thanks to their affluent Party Pieces company, and the Duchess ‘parents’ ancestors who worked in the Durham coal mines.

British experts go further back and find Kate’s relatives and unexpected ancestors, including Prince William’s ancestor King Edward I or Madonna’s director and ex – husband Guy Richie. Be the sixth cousin of Kate. “It’s interesting that the future royal family has ancestors in all British classes,” Brendan Simmons, chief executive of the New England Historical Heritage Association, told a news conference. CNN In 2011.

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