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Rouge et Or . broke out

Rouge et Or . broke out

The 8,375 spectators who attended the match between Concordia Stingers and Laval University did not leave Telus with disappointment. In addition to the home team’s 36-10 win, fans saw the offense’s future was in good hands with hub Arnaud Desjardins. He finished his workday with four touchdown passes to lead Rouge et Or to a relatively easy win.

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QMI Photo Agency, Marcel Tremblay

Laval’s attack took a long time to kick off his career, scoring his first touchdown with a stunning effort from Vincent Forbes-Mumblow, who broke several tackles on a pass from 26 yards late in the second quarter. He gave Major Glenn Constantin a 13-10 lead in the inning.

“These are the things you practice, securing the ball in practice and gaining positive yards right after catching it. The result was strong in this game. I had a great bond with Arnault, and we saw the same things on the field today,” explains the CNDF producer, who finished at 100 yards.

If the first half was more difficult, then in the second half everything seemed to work for Laval. The defense stopped playing wildly, there was a lot of pressure on the opposing midfielder and offensive coordinator Justin Ether looked unstoppable.

For the offensive champion of the match, Arnaud Desjardins, the performance was satisfactory.

“Everyone did their job and it was really fun to play in front of the crowd as a starter for the first time. Some penalty kicks were affected in the first half and we had a lot of energy for the rest of the game,” says the old Montreal Spartans producer.

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The hub also indicated that he was a little surprised by the defensive strategy of the Stingers, who did not apply as much pressure from the lightning attack as is often the case with the Montreal team. Desjardins finished his working day with 24 completed passes in 33 attempts for a gain of 308 yards as well as skipping four majors and no turnovers.

QMI Photo Agency, Marcel Tremblay

Maturity is involved

Winning coach Glenn Constantin had a very accurate explanation of the two-part match of his training.

“We are still young and maturity takes time to develop. We were probably overconfident in our dominant performance last week and Concordia’s potential surprised our team.”

The pilot refuses to take credit for the great second half of his training. “There weren’t any major adjustments. That’s what’s happening now and here’s what’s going to happen in the second half,” said Marc Fortier defensively.

Constantine also praised his offense which dominated possession time in the second half of the match. He was also very pleased with Vincent Blanchard’s kicker performance and cover kicks, which helped give his team a huge advantage on the field positioning.


Stingers coach Brad Collinson was visibly disappointed with the result. He admits that his team didn’t put on big enough plays in hopes of winning.

“We finished in the first half and there was a long offensive streak in the third quarter and it was difficult after that. With a team like Laval, you have to finish the job when you can do it, otherwise it becomes very difficult.”

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The visiting pilot refused to use the casualties to explain his family’s defeat.

“It is true that we lack good players like Murphy, but we have good reservists. That was not where it was played, we didn’t run when we needed to and we have to finish our offensive lines with relegation.”

full match

Quarterback Olivier Roy played a good first half for the Stingers and had a very simple explanation for his team’s loss.

“You have to play 60 minutes and you can’t hope to win against a team like Laval by just playing one half. Quite simply. Maybe they were expecting vertical passes in the second half and pressed more. However, we have to be able to make our adjustments in the half and didn’t We were able to do that.”

Receiver Jacob Salville was also very disappointed with his team’s second loss. Despite his strong singles performance of 7 catches and 97 accumulating yards as well as touchdowns, he was thinking only of the Stingers’ collective performance.

“It doesn’t mean anything to me individual stats, we lost and we should play better in the future,” said the Quebec native.

Some stats

  • Rouge et Or is now well established with a second place win for RSEQ, which belongs to Concordia.
  • Receiver Kevin Mittal leads RSEQ with six touchdowns since the start of the season. Two added today.
  • Kicker Vincent Blanchard averages an astonishing 43.7 on his punches.
  • The Stingers will be slashing swords against the Carabins next week while receiving Rouge et or a visit from Vert et or de Sherbrooke.
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