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Rosalie Fashion to attend Canadian Astronaut Camp

Rosalie Fashion to attend Canadian Astronaut Camp

Young Bosseron, Rosalie Fashion, will have the opportunity to participate in a Junior Astronaut Training Camp organized by the Canadian Space Agency which will be held from July 26-31.

A resident of Saint George, who teaches at Jesus Mary School in Bushville, is one of 52 young Canadians selected for this week of training. By default, while drawing from the list of eligible candidates.

This list included nominees who completed an activity from each of the three components of the Junior Astronaut campaign. These are science, technology, fitness, nutrition, teamwork, and communication.

In the candidates’ photo posted with the press release, the Georgian stated that her dream is her biggest. Is to become an astronaut and potentially walk on Mars one day. »

It also claims that this is the most magnificent planet in the solar system.

During this week of training, Rosalie Vachon and 51 other participants will have the opportunity to hear testimonials from astronauts, engineers and scientists from the Canadian Space Agency.

Additionally, space lovers will be challenged in a series of fun and stimulating activities.

In particular, they will do a real experiment Rover In the moon simulation mission, they will solve problems facing them on Earth using satellite imagery, and they will also practice with astronauts and space fitness experts.

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