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Rosalie Bonenfant réplique brillamment à une chronique de Richard Martineau sur les seins

Rosalie Boninfante brilliantly responds to a column by Richard Martineau on the breasts

On June 7 Richard Martino Post a (questionable) column in Montreal Journal who called breasts [aussi] genitals! (It starts badly). On June 8 Rosalie Boninfante Brilliantly responding to the columnist’s comments in Stories Instagram.

The actress and host commented, line by line, on Mr. Martineau’s troubling words, without exaggerating (I’m not sorry about that).

If you want to (out of morbid curiosity) read the full article at JdeME, I must warn you: if you’ve moved and 1840’s, for you, well and really into the past, you might be shocked! You have now been warned.

“I’m not laughing at you, it’s an annoying laugh”

Credit: rosaliebonenfant via IG

Credit: rosaliebonenfant via IG

I want to commend Rosalie for her sense of humor in such a shocking situation. Wait, that’s not all, she just keeps getting words out of my mouth!

Credit: rosaliebonenfant via IG

Credit: rosaliebonenfant via IG

Note: If your friends also think that breasts are sexual organs, take Rosalie’s advice and change your girlfriends!

Credit: rosaliebonenfant via IG

I don’t need to tell you that in that moment of my reading I officially became the greatest a fan by Rosalie Boninfante.

Although the situation is worrying and we should seriously question the promotion of misogynistic ideology and body embodiment in the media, I must admit that Rosalie Bonnefante’s response gave me hope that not everyone thinks this way.

Propaganda of toxic speeches such as those in JdeME, is the first “2016” (2 points if I understand the reference), but it’s also very annoying. In fact, a woman’s body belongs to her alone, and not to anyone else, not least to Richard Martineau.

The human body is not an object or a decorative accessory and there is simply no way at the disposal of those who want to observe, analyze and possess it. The whole world needs more respect, gentleness and openness.

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I leave you at last a story Rosalie who” drop the microphone » The situation is brilliant and a good reflection of the impact messages like Mr. Martineau’s message have on present and future generations.

Credit: rosaliebonenfant via IG