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Roommates at work to be more prosperous

Roommates at work to be more prosperous

The trio made up of Frankie Johnny, Borderon, Fils and Kantouk have put down roots in the Saint-Sauveur area in 2021. They are now working on opening a second delivery point in Vieux Lemouilloux from July.

If Jonathan Marko, of Frankie's Johnny's Sandwich Shop, had the desire to expand, he wouldn't have made this leap alone. None of the trio would have set out individually for another opening, adds François Bourdron, who will move his bakery from Third Avenue to this new location.

Divided investments, complementary specializations and stability gained over the years have motivated the forces. After the first experience, they now know what to expect.

“You shouldn't think you'll be able to make all the decisions. You should be able to add water to your wine,” says Simon Fabi, the face behind the Kantock Café.

The partners do not hide the fact that they have had many discussions. But through democracy they decide.

“We are the best-known companies in Quebec. We all stick to our winning recipe. We all care about our brand image. We want to do business our way,” agrees Mr. Fabi.

We find happiness in that. But not everything is pretty and rosy.”

Jonathan Marko, co-owner of Frankie Johnny's

Everyone has their own synergy. For their part, they were able to find what suits them. They agree that maintaining their identity while presenting themselves as a group is one of the major challenges.

“Everyone has to find what they want at the end of the line. No one wants to be penalized for service and vision. […] Mr. Marco stresses that the matter must be fair for everyone.

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Reducing the burden of risk is the first advantage. Getting to the buildings on the famous Vieux-Limoilou artery is another matter.

“It's very difficult to find a place here. Having so many businesses in the same place gives a lot of people the opportunity to establish themselves in Limoelo,” says Matthew Ainslie, owner of Fix-Ton-Padget and an investor in the project.

Coffee and plants go well together

Less than 200 meters away, a duo is setting up shop at 986 Third Avenue in the former café company building.

Maud Roy Carpentier, the only one who set out to open Café Mila, knew that managing unexpected events would be easier with many people.

Then I contacted Marie-Michelle Cornu and Camille Verlande Tousignant, two lovers of rare plants at the origin of the Verdure online store on the 4th.

“When I saw the space and the windows, I immediately thought of it,” says the woman who was looking for a partnership.

Marie-Michel Cornu and Camille Ferlande Toussignant from Verdure on the 4th, along with Maud Roy Carpentier from Café Mila

The well-crafted argument convinced the two entrepreneurs to be part of the project. With customers who like to see and touch before they buy, Verdure sur la 4e finds its benefit by establishing its presence in the neighborhood.

“Maude wanted it to be ready for us. She sublets 10% of the building to us. We're really a very small business. It allows us to be on the street,” says Ms. Ferland-Toussenant.

While the renovation work is well underway, the opening is scheduled for June 7. Two employees have already been hired and are trained in plant selling and 100% plant counter service.

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The spaces were demarcated so that no one would step on each other's feet.

“We also separate the back part, which is closed to the public, so they can do the potting and storage. Try to make their home warehouse become a warehouse here,” says Ms. Roy-Carpentier.

“I believe we will succeed in growing our business this way: by helping each other.”

Maud Roy Carpentier, owner of Café Mila

Flexibility, openness and communication are the watchwords of the three women new to the business world, who want to create a small community with 5-7 hour breakouts, craft workshops and a book club.

Mutual aid is also added to the list.

“The two stores are technically separate. On the other hand, I find it really is Hazar To be part of the whole. “Camel and I offered to volunteer at the café,” says Ms. Curnow, a longtime barista.

It remains to be seen what future awaits the two entities. “Right now, the way I'm building the café, there's not necessarily more space available. If they want more space, it could be a challenge in the long term,” says the owner of Mila Café.

Adapting to others

A small announcement led to Fougères Amères and Madame Alice sharing the First Avenue.

After discussing with nearly fifty candidates to share the premises of her beauty salon, Alexandra Taka fell in love at first sight with the florist Andrian Simard behind Madame Alice.

Andriane Simard, owner of Madame Alice, and Alexandra Taka, owner of Fougères Amères, who share 1195, 1re Avenue

“We were complete strangers when we started. “I was looking for someone with the same work ethic and the same vision to run the business,” explains the woman who also owns the building.

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Looking back, Ms Simard says she jumped headlong into adventure in 2021, without much thought.

“I didn't know this woman at all. Today, she is a very important friend. I wouldn't do without her, but things could have gone badly,” she says, looking at her partner.

Sparking ideas, challenging yourself, and trusting each other are some of the benefits of sharing daily life with another entrepreneur.

“Alexandra is a little aware of how things are a job, But not much. She is at work without being at work. “She can easily give me her opinion,” adds the florist, who was the winner of the Quebec Chamber of Commerce's Young People's Rise Competition.

While Madame Alice has the wind in her sails, the owner of Fougères Amères knows how to adapt. “Andrian is expanding. She needed more space. It didn't bother me at all.”

During Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, business is booming at the florist. For their part, the bitter fern should take a few days of rest, while the room can be filled with bouquets of flowers.

Even if the offer from the two companies may seem distant, important dates allow them to join forces by presenting the duo. Candles or bath bombs complement the flowers.

The 10% discount also applies after purchasing from either brand. A way to increase customers, Ms. Taka rejoices.

Here are the titles

Frankie Johnny + Bourdron & Sons + Kantuck

  • 1101 3e St. from the beginning of July

Café Mila + Verdur on the 4th

  • 986 Third Avenue June 7th

Bitter Fern + Madame Alice