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Roland Garros: Defeat at the worst of times

Roland Garros: Defeat at the worst of times

Paris | There are defeats that hurt more than others. Denis Shapovalov has spoken for a long time about the pain he experienced during the first round match at Roland Garros on Tuesday, in which he easily conceded defeat to Denmark’s Holger Ron.

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Because this dry 6-3 6-1 7-6 (4) defeat at the hands of Ron, a young rookie who is already ranked 40th in the ATP, could not have come at a worse time.

FifteenthAnd global 14And A favorite in Paris, he hopes to make use of the next two weeks at Porte d’Auteuil to earn valuable points in the standings.

Due to the joint decision of the ATP and the WTA to not hand out anything at Wimbledon – a form of revenge for the tournament, which banned the Russians and Belarusians after the invasion of Ukraine – Shapovalov in mid-July would lose the 720 points that allowed him to get. He played him in the semi-finals at the All England Club last year.

I don’t agree with everything

According to his results in the coming weeks, during the grass competitions preparing for the third grand slam of the season, he is likely to be left out of the world’s top 20 in July, or even find himself in a low position.

Bitter disappointment, at a press conference, the 23-year-old said on Tuesday he disagreed with Wimbledon’s decision and that of the ATP.

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“I understand that this political situation is at stake, but again, it is a tennis tournament that should welcome the best athletes in the world, no matter where you come from. First left handed, everyone should be able to participate,” said the left-handed first.

“But I don’t agree with the ATP pulling those points either,” he added. The majority of people affected are the people who top the leaderboard, “Huby” [Hubert Hurkacz]Novak [Djokovic]I, [Matteo] Brittany who does not play here in Paris. »

Chabo believes the ATP could have handled the situation differently, for example by offering 50% of the points. Like many other players, he said he was unaware of the procedures.

The Ontarians do not know if they will be at Wimbledon at the end of June. He gives himself the next two days to think about it.

“I focused on [Roland-Garros]Because I thought it would be an important tournament to get as many points as possible.”


Of course, the situation between Wimbledon and the ATP is beyond his control. But Shapovalov had his fate — and his own — at hand on Tuesday, when he appeared in Court No. 12 at 11 a.m. KST.

Sure, if he could choose who would be on the other side of the net in this first round match, he might not have chosen Canadian Ron.

At only 19 years old, the Dane is already ranked 40th in the world. He recently won the title in the clay court tournament in Munich, then reached the semi-finals in Lyon before traveling to Roland Garros.

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Shapovalov was never really in the game, except late in the third set, when he broke his young opponent 5-4, when he was serving for the win.

But the 14th seed couldn’t keep up in the tiebreak and missed her chance to extend the match.

Too many unimposed errors

On Tuesday, the field looked too small for Shabu, who made no fewer than 53 unforced errors.

“Since I have a fierce game, when you don’t work, you don’t succeed,” noted the player, who now works with fellow countryman Peter Polanski.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve made so many mistakes,” he said afterwards. Obviously, it’s always bad when it happens in a Grand Slam. It’s something I have to improve, and I have to make changes. »

Shapovalov will have to adapt quickly, before the preparatory lawn courses begin. Or, if he chooses that path, he can take advantage of a two-week break during Wimbledon in order to improve his playing style.

live from paris

Andreescu Cream Cheese 6-0

Hours after her two-piece win over Belgian qualifying Ysaline Bonaventura on Monday, Bianca Andreescu shared a humorous video posted on Instagram, in which a blogger showed her “cream cheese” for the bread.

Hi Bianca, would you like some cream cheese? asks David Chen.
– Why ? Canadian answers.
– So bread! Chen says.
– Yes please! Andreescu fires, before leaving to laugh.


Screenshot taken from Instagram

In tennis parlance, baking is a role that ends 6-0. The expression arose from the similarity between a cake with a hole in the middle and the number 0.

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Chen is an amateur tennis player who posts many photos and videos on social networks with the professionals he meets during tournaments. He also made friends with some of them.

The video was specially captured by .’s website figarotitled “Andreescu .’s Bedroom” [se moque de] his opponent after he inflicted him 6-0″. Other amateur positions were even more vociferous, with the 21-year-old accusing the Ontarian of lacking sportsmanship against her first-round opponent, who is ranked 168th.And Rank. On Monday, however, the Canadian appeared to have absolutely no desire to mock Bonaventure, who praised her for her game and his “good tactics”. The former fourth in the world felt really relieved to pass this test.

C. Andreescu, now ranked 72AndShe looks so proud of that 6-0 result in the video, which is a very rare result, and has yet to address it on her social networks.