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Rockstar has launched its Rockstar Games Store to host its upcoming games

Rockstar has launched its Rockstar Games Store to host its upcoming games

Rockstar Games has opened its new online store. It used to be his name Rockstar . WarehouseThis site has repackaged all derivative products. But in complete silence, the company resets everything and launches its own Rockstar Games Store !

In this store there are always derivative products, but there are also interesting categories of “video games” … Looks like GTA San Andreas, Vice City and Liberty City are worried !

“Rockstar Games Store”: New store launch, timing suspicious

You may have known it for a few days, rock star He returns to the center of all rumours. Despite complete silence in the studio, there are plenty of rumors about the supposed remakes mentioned above. While that The first visuals of a 3D artist have been foundThey’ll prepare themselves for it, tooHistoric addition to the GTA license.

What if the next day GTA 6 Fans never forget him, the timing is suspicious: rock games Launches a new online store, very stylish and with a lot of new categories.

Brand new sectionToysNow lets you find games rock star, which has never been the case before. Plus, empty spaces remain… perfect for placing remakes?

The new Rockstar website with a new “Games” section, top left. p

Three remasters, new GTA 6 and Red Dead 3?

Obviously, all work in the studio rock star Watched and with a similar change at a time when everyone is waiting for an announcement, Fans are already imagining good news to come. First of all, of course GTA 6 Which players hope to see, even over the 3 remakes we’ve already discussed.

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Besides them, why forbade a dreama Red Dead Redemption III, which seems very possible according to the parent company of rock starAnd Take-Two Interactive. interactive.

In short, all this should be taken with caution but many fans find it difficult to see a simple update of the site rock star, at the time of licensing Grand Theft Auto deserves good newsIt’s for example the 20th anniversary of GTA 3!)