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Rocket: The heaviest roster in Game 4?

Rocket: The heaviest roster in Game 4?

Watch Game 4 of the series between Rocket and Thunderbirds starting at 7 PM on RDS and RDS live.

Laval Rocket head coach Jean-Francois Hoully is clearly intent on adding weight to his roster for Game 4 of the Series against the Springfield Thunderbirds tonight.

After losing 6-3 Wednesday night in Game Three of the series, Hall said the St. Louis Blues’ farm club, Thunderbird, played a “heavy” game.

Thus, Gabriel Burke and Devante Smith-Billy were part of the lines training in the morning training, while this was not the case for Joshua Roy and Peter Abandonato. This means that both players can be disqualified tonight against the Thunderbirds.

The Thunderbirds lead the Eastern Conference Finals 2-1.

Rocket formation in morning training :

Burke Shenar Tisdale
Condota Genac DSP

Extras : J Roy, K Roy, Abandonato, Bowden

Ole Belpidio
Scheunemann Bison
Nico Dell


Formation of Thunderbirds:

Neil Beca Anas
Costin Alexandrov Todd

Tucker Wesley
Rosen Santini
Kissel crossing


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