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Rocket sells nine players to Trois-Rivières Lions

Rocket sells nine players to Trois-Rivières Lions

The waves of Al Kindi cuts soon ended and the Rocket started to do so too. Today, eleven players were excluded from the team. Nine of these players will take charge of the Trois-Rivières Lions in ECHL.

They are Cedric Desruisseau, Justin Ducharme, Peter Abandonato, Olivier Archambault, Julien Nantel, Cedric Monmini, Charles David Baudouin, Matthew Brudor and Olivier Gallebeau. Alexis Gravel and Alex Dubbo, they will not report to lions; Release them.

The Lions camp kicks off next Friday, and nine players are expected to participate, in addition to the players already stationed with the Lions.

The new ECHL team will begin its activities on Thursday with physical exams, and the next day the players will stand on the ice for the first time with a lion on the jersey.

Of the nine players ceded to the lions, six are attackers and three defenders. So there is no guard.

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Big names will be available.

– We expected it.

– Clear.

Interesting comment from the former Canadiens coach.

– It won’t last long after all.