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Robert Charlebois in mourning

Robert Charlebois in mourning

She was healthy from iron. Recently, on April 11, glasses went into her French apartment in Antibes with her daughter Lawrence and her famous son-in-law to celebrate her 108th birthday. The singer told him, “Soon, you will be able to stay in your living room and watch my concert in a 3D hologram. from your home.” Robert Charlebois’ mother-in-law, Lucien Fry, whom those around her affectionately called Mamita, sniffed her last week in her native France.

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His grandson, singer-songwriter Jerome Charlebois, gave him a song that he recorded in a video he posted on his Facebook. “I wanted to say hello to my grandmother. […] to the tunes blue grandmaover here mamita… »

Newspaper beautiful morning She spoke of her as a ambient, dynamic, independent and curious woman to discover the world – she left alone for India at the age of 88. It is reported that she drove her car until she was 98 years old.

Robert Charlebois was very close to his mother-in-law and the place where she lived a long time ago. “I’m more antique in Quebec and more Azorean Canadians,” the singer declared, among other things, in a video, where the delegation celebrated the 105th anniversary of the lady. “My mother-in-law heard that the oldest person on earth was a Japanese and he was 120 years old, so she said, ‘I still have at least 15 years left.

Distinctive Echoes Offers his condolences to the family and loved ones of the deceased.

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