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Rimouski is preparing to return to the red

Rimouski is preparing to return to the red

The epidemiological situation remains a problem in Basse-Saint-Laurent, particularly in the west of the region where 50 new cases were reported on Friday.

The number of hospitalizations is increasing as 17 people are in hospital due to complications from the virus, and another four within 24 hours. Six of them are currently in intensive care.

There are new infections across all Migrant Resource Centers. However, 90% of the 429 active cases are in the western part of Basse-Saint-Laurent.

In Rimouski-Neigette RCM, two days before the lifting of special emergency measures, municipalities and companies are preparing to reopen their institutions.

The shops will be closed for just over two weeks.

At the Vénus bookstore in Rimouski, online orders and delivery were possible, but the recent shutdown required a complete reorganization. Our now-going unemployed employees didn’t have a week to wait as they could reactivate their latest application. So, it was a relief to us and there, we are very happy to reopen on Monday, we can’t wait to see our customers, ”explained the co-owner, Genevieve Gagnon.

The return to the red also leads to the reorganization of the city of Rimouski in its sports and leisure facilities. Teams have plans for each alert level.

The moment the prime minister announced that we were back in the red, the phone kept ringing. Of course, people are eager to get exercise to start moving again, so they can do activities with family. “For us, it’s always a very, very quick response,” said Karen Desrosse, Director of Entertainment, Culture and Community Life at Rimouski.

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The theaters will also be able to resume their activities on Monday. Switching to contingency measure for just over two weeks, for example, had an impact on programming in Spect’Art Rimouski.

“We were waiting to see if we would be able to resume activities and with this news, we were able to announce the full program for June yesterday, stressing that everything is going well,” said Mireille Levesque. Spect Remusky Art.

Three shows were affected by the closure in the past two weeks. Activities will resume with a dance performance on Tuesday evening.