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Rimbak's kick-off unites the United States and 26 allies

Rimbak’s kick-off unites the United States and 26 allies


The Rim of the Pacific (Rimpok), one of the largest naval exercises in the world, will begin this Wednesday, June 29th. The biennial event brings together 26 allies of the United States this year. The maneuver around Hawaii and Southern California will be an opportunity for the United States to demonstrate its strength and the extent of global maritime alliances amid growing tensions with China and Russia.

International Department, Jelena Tomic

Let’s move on to the 28th edition of Rimbak, the 28th edition of this year’s Naval Aviation Exercise Meeting, until August 4, when the four countries of the quartet – the United States, India, Japan and Australia – and the five countries on the southern border are the Chinese Ocean.

In all, 26 countries are participating in these maneuvers, including Tonga, a small island state in the Pacific Ocean, whose unprecedented participation is not uncommon. It takes place in an environment Emerging Sino-American rivalries And Beijing inevitably advances its troops South Pacific Islands.

Launched in 1971 under the command of the US Pacific Fleet, the naval exercise will mobilize 25,000 troops, 38 ships, four submarines and more than 170 aircraft. South Korea will also participate in the exercise and send warships, submarines, maritime patrol aircraft and about 1,000 sailors this year, a record since 1990.

Thus the United States wants to deny its rivals, describing them as having a U.S. naval downfall, and wants to demonstrate its defensive power and its influence on a planetary level.