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Revitalizing fleur de lis: green space before bricks and mortar

Revitalizing fleur de lis: green space before bricks and mortar

The UQTR campus, condominiums, retirement home and green spaces. The “renovation” of the $850 million Fleur de Lys shopping center will accelerate in the coming months.

The building’s owners, Trudel Alliance, announced on Monday some work that will begin in August. But before tackling the brick and mortar sites, they decided to develop a green space for the residents “in the middle of a car park” near Soumande Street.

“Our goal is for customers and dealers to benefit from the green area that is not on the site. (…) We moved the trees and removed the asphalt to put on the lawn,” he points out. magazine William Trudel, President and Founder of Trudel Alliance.

This park will be in place for about three years, which is the right time to complete this phase of work. Ultimately, the real estate group’s project also offers “a huge permanent park with games for children, water points and plants,” the businessman explains.

From the end of summer, Fleur de Lys will begin its true transformation. About two dozen tenants, such as Dollarama, Éléganza, New Look, Visique, and all dining tables will be moved in the central corridor of the shopping center or temporarily in the former building of the La Baie department store.

“Today, we’re about to complete Operation Tetris,” said Mr. Trudel with humor, who plans to unveil his master plan in full in the fall.

The president does not hide his concern about the rise in the prices of building materials in recent months. He hopes to return to normal in 2021 or 2022 in order to limit the impacts on his position. Fleur de Lys will remain open while you work.

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The following work will aim, among other things, to demolish parts of the building on the side of the Laurentian Highway located between the former Sears and JYSK buildings. Eventually, at another stage scheduled for 2024, the La Baie Pavilion will also pass under the wreckage’s peak.

The administration also promises to “renew” the commercial offer. New banners will be added, but the motos and the mouth are sewn onto the next slots.

Built in recent months, the UQTR campus, which has required an investment of around $30 million, should welcome its first students once the government gives the green light. The site is now complete.

cost sharing

Recently, the Trudel Alliance registered with the Lobbyists Registry so that it could “negotiate” with Quebec City over the costs of some municipal work to be carried out at the Fleur de Lys site, in particular regarding the sewer pipe upgrade.

“Negotiations will focus on the planning of the streets, the municipal services that will be carried out there and, if possible, the sharing of costs that will be allocated to them,” one can read in the post.

In 2019, the Trudel Alliance conducted a public consultation for several months to gauge the population’s pulse regarding the sector’s needs. The group has owned the site since 2018.

Trudel Alliance, which is headquartered in Quebec City, now has approximately $400 million in assets. The administration hopes to reach one billion by 2027.