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Reviews |  Installing a solar roof can be a children’s game.  Just look at Australia.  - News24

Reviews | Installing a solar roof can be a children’s game. Just look at Australia. – News24

Policy recommendations for the United States are simple: simplifying regulations and improving access to the grid, large or small, allows every manufacturer to connect equally and to provide electricity and battery storage without constraining connection rules.

By my calculations, more than half of the energy needed to run American cars and homes can be generated on the roofs of houses. Some states are moving in the right direction: In April, Florida Governor Ron Desantis defended solar incentives by blocking legislation that would reduce “net measurement”, allowing solar consumers to sell more electricity for utilities. However, California is considering taxing grid-connected residential solar customers, which is against the policy required.

On Monday, the Biden administration took a major step in increasing solar energy by issuing an executive order using the Safety Production Act to produce more clean energy devices and solar cells. He also announced that the four countries would suspend tariffs on solar panels for two years to support faster adoption of solar energy. Together with training support, it represents hundreds of thousands of new solar installation jobs.

But the administration can do even more: with an administrative mandate, it can expand its efforts to encourage cities to use SolarAPP + as a licensing process, which will further enhance solar installations.

If there was a regulatory world that could run an American electric van on the solar roof of Australia, it would cost 2 cents per mile instead of 20 cents per mile using petrol or diesel. My calculations show that when solar energy is used to operate a water heater with a heat pump, the cost of rain can be halved compared to a gas water heater. It costs a quarter of the cost of boiling water for a cup of coffee than using natural gas.

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Roof Solar power alone cannot solve climate change. We will need more wind power, industrial solar parks, hydropower and nuclear power. But rooftop solar power will make the entire energy system ever cheaper in the United States. The more solar power we put on the roofs, the less we have to cover fields and woods with large-scale installations. Australia has shown the world the way to cheap renewable energy, and the United States must move toward the same fully electrified future.