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Returning Crimean treasures: Russia announces investigations

Returning Crimean treasures: Russia announces investigations

Moscow | Russia announced, on Wednesday, the start of an investigation to assess the damages caused to it after the Dutch court’s decision to return the Crimean archaeological treasures disputed between Moscow and Kiev to Ukraine.

The Russian Investigative Committee, which is responsible for major criminal cases, said in a statement that it would conduct an “appropriate assessment of the violation of Russia’s interests” in this case, which has been ongoing since 2014.

This measure will be under the responsibility of its branch in Crimea and will be aimed, in cooperation with Russian diplomacy, at determining the conditions for the “non-return” of this archaeological treasure.

An Amsterdam appeals court on Tuesday ordered the return to Ukraine of a priceless collection of artifacts that had loaned the Crimean peninsula to a museum in Amsterdam before the peninsula was annexed by Moscow and seized from the Netherlands.

This rich collection, made up of nearly 2,000 objects dating from the second century AD through the early Middle Ages, was temporarily transferred to the Allard Pearson Museum by four museums in Crimea shortly before Russia’s annexation in March 2014.

So the four Crimean museums filed a lawsuit to force the Allard Pearson Museum to return the collection.

In 2016, a Dutch court ruled that these items should be returned to Ukraine, asserting that Crimea is not considered an independent country. Crimean Museums appealed this decision.

The case can now be taken to the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.

If Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday welcomed his country’s “victory”, the Russian Investigative Committee said on Wednesday that Dutch justice acted only in connection with the “political situation”, and the Russian Ministry of Culture condemned the violation of international law. .

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