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Retail | The Barber Center no longer exists

The Razor Center has just written the final chapter of its history. And without warning, the small kitchen appliance retailer and repair company permanently closed several of its stores on Wednesday, after filing for bankruptcy protection in December.

The 10 franchisees owned by franchisees, out of a total of 34, can remain open. “We were not notified in advance,” confirms Roxane Laroche, a spokeswoman for the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), which represents 64 workers in 13 stores and warehouses. In total, 150 employees worked for the company run by the CDREM Group, headed by Patrice Demers. The latter already owned CHOI Radio X in Quebec. Mr. Diemer did not call Journalism. The company website is no longer active and no one answers the phone in the stores.

According to mI In Arush, around 12:30pm on Wednesday, workers at the warehouse on the Côte de Lycee road in Lachine were asked to go to their lockers to pick up their personal belongings and leave.

Same scenario in stores where employees have been asked to leave the building because locks are about to be changed. The guardian in charge of the file is Roy Métivier Roberge.

In December, a few weeks before Christmas, the company filed for bankruptcy protection. “I will do my best to come up with an offer acceptable to our creditors, landlords and suppliers,” Mr. Demers wrote in an email to his staff. This does not change your working conditions in any way. Your job and salary are not in danger. »

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In the end, the company resigned itself to closing shop.

Founded about sixty years ago, the Durazer Center has gone through many changes. In 2014, the company announced the merger of its activities with the company Boutik Electrik, which resulted in the emergence of a network of more than 80 stores. At the time, the majority of the stores were run by franchisees. Five years ago, Razor Center decided to revise its strategy and several changes were made within its management team. By then, the retailer had revised its brand image and became the owner of a large majority of its stores.