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Resumption of vaccination in Grand Est

Resumption of vaccination in Grand Est

When it ends, it starts again. A new revival of the epidemic and a new vaccination campaign whose effectiveness can be questioned because we are taking the fourth dose. This does not prevent health authorities from inviting people at risk for a second booster dose!

Covid-19 vaccine (Pixabay)

In the face of the increased spread of the virus in recent days in France and in the Grand Est, the ARS Grand Est, the Regional District and Public Health in France recalled in a press release the importance of the second reminder against the covid-19 vaccine for all people aged 60 or over, residents of nursing homes and people at risk.

Increasing the spread of the virus

During the past three weeks, epidemiological indicators showed an increase in the infection rate in all age groups and in all sections of the region. There is also a slight increase in the rate of new hospitalizations (all services) and stabilization in critical care admissions.

The highest rate was observed in Moselle (268.5 cases / 100,000 inhabitants), and the lowest was observed in regiment (219 cases / 100,000 residents). Occurrence rate by department

This epidemic recovery Associated with the arrival of new Omicron family sub-variants, BA.4 and BA.5: 59% of samples examined at week 24-2022 carry a mutation compatible with the new Omicron sublines, including BA. 4 and BA.5 (versus 38% at week 23-2022).

Fragile populations to be protected, inadequate immunization

“So far, only 9.1% of people aged 60-79 in France and 20.5% in Grand Est have received a second booster dose against Covid-19, which is an insufficient rate for our region. In nursing homes, vaccinating the population is also not enough. , where 26.5% of the population received a second booster injection against Covid-19.

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Health authorities state that people aged 60 to 79 are eligible for a second booster dose
(or fourth dose) from 6 months after the first booster injection or after infection. For people over 80, they qualify 3 months after the last recall or injury. Immunocompromised people are also severely affected by this recall.

The protection conferred by the vaccine decreases over time It is necessary to provide additional protection against the Covid-19 virus. Doing this booster dose now is essential for a peaceful summer and fall and to guard against the risks of serious forms and hospitalization, especially in the face of the circulation of the BA.4 and BA.5 variants.

It is possible to make an appointment at Or call your doctor or go to the pharmacy.

Strict compliance with barrier gestures to reduce viral circulation

The current epidemiological recovery calls on everyone to continue efforts to strictly comply with barrier gestures. Simple actions allow everyone to slow down viral circulation, regardless of the alternative:

  • Strong recommendation to wear a mask indoors when ventilation/ventilation is poor, in places with great mixing, for people who are weakened by their age or diseases,
  • cleaning hands,
  • regular ventilation of the rooms,
  • coughing or sneezing into his elbow,
  • If symptoms or suspicions arise, get tested. To find the examination site, see website.

If the test is positive, respect the isolation period (at least 5 days for fully vaccinated people and children under 12 years old) and warn people who could be contaminated (contacts are at risk).