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Resignations abound in the United States

Resignations abound in the United States

Registered Americans volunteered their jobs in May. Revolution in the world of work or simple post-epidemic adjustment?

Getting out is all the rage these days. In May, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a record was broken in the United States with several voluntary departures since the turn of the century: five out of a hundred who work in hotels, restaurants, bars and shops quit their jobs.

Only low paid people do not want to go out the door. In May, more than 700,000 people in the “professional and business services” category, mainly white-collar workers, left – the highest monthly number. In all departments, in all businesses, four out of ten employees say they are thinking of leaving their current job [selon des chiffres cités par Microsoft].

Why this explosion of departure? According to one theory, the relationship between employees and employers is subject to a fundamental change, which can have profound implications for the future of the job. In the income ladder, workers have new reasons to get stuck with their employers. Low-wage earners and recipients of exceptional unemployment benefits [dans le cadre du plan de relance] During epidemics, when they return to their jobs, they are not paid enough. They force restaurants and clothing stores to raise wages to keep their employees and smash their fists at the table.

For their part, white-collar workers say they are overworked or tired after the epidemic of this period and are making new demands on their management. According to a recent survey by Morning Consult Bloomberg, Nearly half of employees under the age of 40 say they can leave work if they are not allowed to work at home for at least a fraction of the time. Considering the number of resignations, it seems that this is not a scam.

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