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Residents create a beautiful green space

Residents create a beautiful green space

In this complex period, especially due to the health situation, Salwa Al Sheikhi, the mediator in charge of the social ties of the city, maintained a cohesion with the residents of Banafsj Street. With Elise Augie, delegate delegate and Jacqueline Brigidi, chairperson of the District Authority, she works to improve the living environment in this sensitive area of ​​Val.

Everyone participated in a large crowd, and the residents, hesitant at first, were proud to develop their neighborhood in which young people and school students also took part, as part of an educational project. The communal spaces, now clean and pleasant, are the fruit of this intergenerational investment.

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The mayor, Serge de Carly, noted that “this act of the people of Batyger is the beginning of a beautiful story of its inhabitants’ takeover of the city”. Moreover, street parks are developing more and more. “These green spaces show that young people know how to participate and prove that they are and will become more responsible environmental citizens.”

In the future, in other regions, spaces for sowing and planting will appear, but also sorting and cleaning operations. “We will strengthen these neighborhood management tasks, with youth participation, as part of youth work camps and the City’s Educational Success (DRE) system.”

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