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Researchers want to 'implement' virtual reality in the human brain

Researchers want to ‘implement’ virtual reality in the human brain

In the United States, scientists are working to assess the impact of brain implants on human daily life. These same researchers attempt to answer the problems with the use and possible misuse of these implants.

Virtual reality simulation of the brain

Can the application of virtual reality have an impact on human life? Nancy Kanwisher studies the functional organization of the human brain as a A potential window into the structure of the mind. With the MIT (US) team she leads, this researcher from the McGovern Institute for Brain Research is trying to find answers to this question.

In an article he published Atlantic On November 27, 2021, surgeon and co-founder of Doctissimo Laurent Alexandre explained the MIT research. According to him, they could make it possible to simulate (or “implement”) virtual reality in brains. By “playing” with the neural code. The first step is to study the spindle-shaped region of our face and activate it on purpose to understand what humans might see. More precisely, this area The fusiform region of the faces in the fusiform gyrus, an area located in the lower right part of the occipital lobe, the posterior part of the superior temporal sulcus. However, this area allows our brain in particular Recognizes faces.

Researcher Nancy Kanwisher. Credit: McGovern Institute for Brain Research

Impossible to set up?

According to Laurent Alexandre, the brain machine interfaces She has many interests. This can support for example paralyzed people so that they can act in their environment. It will then be possible to control the exoskeleton, to walk better or even to walk again. However, these interfaces may have another interest, which is to capture brain waves Better understanding of how the brain works. In other words, it allows us to study the link between our thinking and the electrical activity that the brain receives.

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It will then be possible to find out whether the person has committed a crime or discover his possible status as a spy. Better yet, scientists can Implanting memories in the brain Or to interact with Metavers (Facebook) and with the Neuralink device that Elon Musk teams are working on. So this is clearly all science fiction now. On the other hand, if it became possible to understand the neural code, everything could change. In fact, understanding this symbol will make it possible to “read” in the brain, but also to be creative Experiences in the form of hallucinations, Somewhat. However, if these experiments can be created for entertainment purposes, criminals, law enforcement and other governments can also use them for manipulative purposes.

The risks of embezzlement would be so great that today it is difficult to imagine creating such a system. However, good use can give the possibility Treating mental illness. As with AI, organizations will likely have to define a precise framework to avoid abuse.