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Researchers have calculated the number of ants on the ground, and this number gives you a headache

Researchers have calculated the number of ants on the ground, and this number gives you a headache

The researchers estimated the number of ants inhabiting the land. The number is amazing.

Do you have any idea how many ants there are on our planet, on the order of a billion? A serious team of scientists has asked this question, and by compiling data from several studies, they believe they know how many specimens there are on Earth. We spoil you right away: they are much more than us …

Biomass greater than that of wild birds and mammals

Ants are everywhere in different sizes and colors. Literally everywhere. So much so that conducting a general census of these insects is difficult, if not impossible. However, a team of researchers rose to the challenge.

No, scientists did not pick up all the stones, all the leaves and all the branches around the world to count them one by one, but they were able to estimate their number by compiling a huge amount of data.

According to science: “For this work, researchers combed through 12,000 reports from databases in several languages, including Bulgarian and Indonesian, and found 489 studies whose methods for collecting and counting ants were rigorous enough to be included.“And through this survey they found this mind-boggling number…

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Millions of billions of ants

20,000,000,000,000,000 or 20 quadrillion or 20 million billion. This is how many ants there are on Earth.

This means that in terms of biomass, ants are greater than the sum of birds and land mammals, and this biomass is 20% of the mass of man! It is impressive that the number obtained by the researchers would be “2 to 20 times” on condition.

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