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Republicans Block Contraceptive Access Bill

Republicans Block Contraceptive Access Bill

This Act would have created a right to access certain contraceptive methods. After restrictions on abortion, U.S. Democrats say blocking access to contraception would be a logical next step for the opposing camp.

Republican senators on Wednesday blocked legislation to guarantee abortion rights, which Democrats proposed to draw attention to threats to abortion and reproductive rights, months before the US presidential election.

The act would have guaranteed Americans the right to obtain and use condoms, IUDs, and other contraceptive methods, and that health care providers would have the right to prescribe them and provide counseling without interference from authorities.

A recent poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that one in five American adults worry about contraception. “Threatened Right Risk of Suppression” After limits on abortion rights were implemented in conservative states for two years. “In a perfect world, a law guaranteeing the right to contraception without official interference would not be necessary, but with the erosion of reproductive rights in America today, it is absolutely essential.”Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer announced.

It was rejected by 60 out of 100 senators

In a preliminary vote, the bill did not receive the support of at least 60 senators (out of 100), preventing it from being considered. Democrats have a narrow majority in the Senate. The latter have particularly emphasized the question of reproductive rights since the Supreme Court, which has been dominated by conservative justices since Donald Trump's presidency, struck down the federal guarantee of abortion rights in June 2022.

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“Fears about abortion rights are just one of many scandalous consequences.” This court decision, Chuck Schumer promised. Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville weighed in Wednesday “Contraception is everywhere in America, and there are no plans to change it”, accusing Democrats of using the issue for electoral purposes. US President Joe Biden said in a statement that he would block Republican elected officials “unacceptable” And vowed to fight to improve access “Affordable, High-Quality Contraception”.