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Republicans are preparing to return to power in the United States

Republicans are preparing to return to power in the United States

Former – and possibly future – US President Donald Trump He reappeared Saturday on stage in front of an ecstatic crowd on stage in Arizona, under the inscription “Save America.” He vowed to recapture the “House and Senate” one year before “retrieving the White House in 2024”.

Last week, a federal bill — to protect everyone’s right to vote against legislative attacks by several Republican states seeking to control it — was declared almost dead. The reason is, once again: two conservative senators, nominally “Democrats”, but their choices are largely aligned with those of the Republican opposition.

One year after losing power, the Republicans are on the verge of victory again. This fact can only be accidentally linked to variations on Biden’s presidency. The situation and decisive support from Republicans for the “democratic” senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin are at the bottom of the congressional vote in Congress.

It is not an alternative to what the United States and many other nations have generally enjoyed since the emergence of liberal democracy. But the attempt to dismantle this system is a real “slow movement of the conspiracy”. A conspiracy that begins and unfolds before our eyes.

At the Washington Congress, but even more so, at the state level, they control 60% of the rooms, and Republicans weave their web systematically so that the clumsy and improved attempt of November 2020 is repeated … but it will be implemented next time, in 2024, otherwise better.


Dozens of laws passed throughout 2021 and a few more in 2022. Laws that tighten voting conditions discriminate against the poor, minorities (voters are hard to mobilize, and those who want to) and vote more for Democrats).

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During the November 2022 midterm elections, by winning elected positions or positions subject to discriminatory appointments – sometimes ambiguous and technical conditions, but tomorrow is decisive: not to mention state judges, secretaries of state, sheriffs, governors.

At the time, it was necessary to monitor all of these micro-elections – sometimes with referendums – to the extent of voting in the Senate or House of Representatives – which was part of the Byzantine system rather than two years of electoral training. United Nations.

Also, we want to give the people who run the election the power to cancel the votes taken: so we have to put the “right people” in these positions. The responsibility for redesigning the election maps will also be given openly to party officials. The United States is the champion of this type of handling: The JerryMondering Or how to guarantee 60% of seats to a party that gets 40% of the vote.

Finally, after the presidential election, this is the question of giving state legislatures the right to finally overthrow the November vote if needed (… after all that!). By sending the people they want to the voter committee to make the final decision in January. And this, by inciting arbitrary, rebellious causes … but it can always be legalized. In fact, we started legalizing.

What is all this for? During the 2024 presidential meeting, we need to make sure that the 2020 dress rehearsal – not just abandoned and combined with amateurism – tries to fail.

The United States is a technologically and culturally advanced society, but in many areas remains archaic.

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The electoral system has not changed fundamentally since the 18the Century. Indirect voting by voters and the disproportionate weight of rural and sparsely populated states (Midwest, country center) exert an extraordinary influence on rural and conservative areas in the face of the vast population of Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Megacities like New York and Los Angeles have become the organization’s worst relations.

For example, in the Senate – ultimately, almost everything is decided – a state like Wyoming, with its 578,000 population, has two votes… exactly California and its 40 million population. With such mutations, today, by pure hypothesis, if the US wants to enter the EU … the Luxembourg court will block them!

To understand the most serious threats to American democracy today, we have rightly talked about the weight of lies in contemporary political discourse (“stolen election” 2020), the groups that no longer speak to each other, and the lack of common ground for debate. .

We talked for sure about the Trump factor: this mighty orator knew how to bring to the surface all sorts of oppressed poisons that had not left American society for two centuries. He has transformed the Republican Party, and through his God-chosen “dos,” he must by no means regain power.

But it is America’s outdated electoral system that makes this terrifying “slow-motion coup” possible … something unimaginable anywhere else in this country.

François Brousseau is an international affairs columnist at IC Radio-Canada. [email protected]

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