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Republican liar accused george santos who has been indicted by federal justice

On Tuesday, US media reported that the elected Republican, George Santos, whose lies have topped headlines in the world of politics and media since his election in 2022, has been charged.

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The exact nature of the charges against him is not yet known.

Contacted by Agence France-Presse, the Ministry of Justice refused to comment on the information.

According to CNN, which cited three sources close to the case, federal prosecutors have charged Mr. Santos and that New York-based elected official could appear in court on Wednesday.

Jorge Santos, 34, who has inflated his financial income and “decorated” his resume, has admitted he lied vehemently about entire parts of his life.

The man who presented himself as a symbol of the “American Dream” is also accused of lying or exaggerating reality by presenting himself as an “American proud to be Jewish” – raised in a Catholic family, but maintains he has “Jewish heritage” – or even as the grandson of Holocaust survivors who fled of Nazi barbarism.

He is the subject of multiple investigations in Congress, New York, and as far afield as Brazil.

Asked about the possible impeachment of George Santos, Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy said he would look into the “charges” before considering any sort of expulsion from Congress.