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Republican Kenzinger surrenders to Trump

Republican Kenzinger surrenders to Trump

Republican elected officials can be counted on the fingers of one hand agreeing to have reservations or public criticism of Donald Trump’s words or actions. Whether in the Senate or the House of Representatives, those who risk doing so do so when they have already announced their withdrawal from active politics.

Since Friday morning, we can add Adam Kinzinger’s name to the list of elected officials who, rather than face adversity and rejection within their political formation, choose not to seek a new mandate.

Kinzinger is that actor from Illinois who first rose to prominence on the national stage for his support of the impeachment of President Trump in the second impeachment process. Along with his colleague Liz Cheney, he is currently one of two Republican members to sit on the House committee tasked with shedding light on the January 6 attack.

While he could run for president for a seventh term, the actor announced to his supporters on Twitter that it was time to withdraw. You can hear it here:

As you listen to his statement, I challenge you to tell me that his words are those of a Republican or a Democrat. The formulas used must be consensual. Kinzinger has an interesting background. Born into a middle-class family, guided by his religious beliefs and eager to help society, the young man is passionate about politics, a passion he will dedicate to himself after his service in the US Air Force.

If the Republican, in his video capsule, stirs up the current polarization to partly explain his decision, he broadly underscores the disinformation and lack of morality we generally associate with Donald Trump.

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Make no mistake, if Kinzinger is leaving, it is because he can no longer maneuver into a party that rejects Trump’s refusal. Kinzinger is one of those Republicans I can still relate to a few years ago, before the arrival of Sarah Palins, Donald Trump, and other snake charmers of the same kind.

This isn’t the first time I’ve said I’m concerned about Republican drift. I am far from saying that the Democrats have all the solutions, and I deplore the domination of this party by some progressive intellectuals in the big cities. We are often interested in theoretical discussions that have nothing to do with the real problems that many Americans have.

But between these elites and the parallel world of Trump who are content with lies and deny the facts, it is difficult to favor the second group. Kinzinger is announcing his departure today, but he’s been more candid towards members of his party recently.

Kinzinger has put his colleagues up against the wall by emphasizing the following: “Many of his fellow Republicans from the sidelines lacked the courage to speak out while privately hoping for change (“the courage to denounce Trump, even if they hoped things would change”) .

So the Illinois representative is simply consistent in withdrawing. He reached out to his colleagues, almost all of whom refused or ignored his invitation.

We should all be concerned about this situation. There is nothing positive for the United States, Canada or Quebec when one of the two major political parties in this country prefers disinformation and tyranny over reality and democracy.

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