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Report – Vitamin Infusion: A Worrying Practice in the United States

For every problem, its infusion. To stay fit, more and more Americans are injecting vitamins directly into their veins. Well-being influencers, but also celebrities like Rihanna or Justin Bieber have popularized the technique by showing off their shirts in public. Today, vitamin infusions invite themselves into Americans’ living rooms.

Alice may be in good health, but once a month she makes an appointment at a health club to get an injection. “It’s so relaxing and I feel a little better when it’s over.“, he explains in the statement at the top of the article. Alice is convinced of the effectiveness of this method, even for a simple fatigue.”I also have a meeting coming back from a trip and I’m sleep deprived due to jet lag. I am recovering fast“, she assures.

Whether it’s an infusion detox, relaxation, special new color or tummy ache, companies create tailor-made menus. Home services are also booming, especially in party cities like Miami or Las Vegas. When it comes to vitamins, what the cocktail needs most is anti-hangovers.

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