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Replacing Prud'homme: Are there volunteers to lead the Sûreté?

Replacing Prud’homme: Are there volunteers to lead the Sûreté?

Quebec officially launched a recruitment notice yesterday to find a new person to head the Sûreté du Québec for the next seven years, following the departure of Martin Prud’homme.

The next appointment is sure to put an end to the saga that led to the shutdown of former director Prudhomme, who retired last August after a secret deal with the government.

The operation also comes at a time when the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) is being asked to lead the joint front to end the arms crisis.

The candidate that the government is looking for must have a minimum of 10 years management experience and have good knowledge of the state and management of organizations, we can read in the notice published by the General Secretariat for Senior Jobs.

good payment

Quebec is looking for someone with “excellent knowledge of the legislative and regulatory framework for police organizations”, as well as experience in large-scale police operations and investigations.

The salary will range from $176,992 to $253,100, depending on the successful candidate’s experience.

In addition to his policing assignment, the person who will take command of SQ will also play an advisory role to the Minister of Public Security, Genevieve Gilbeau, who will be his immediate superior.

Thus, Interim Director-General Johann Beausoleil will witness the end of her temporary term, which does not prevent her from being a candidate for the new position.

the first

This will be the first appointment of a senior president to the SQ since the rule reform adopted by the Caquist government in 2019. Thus, the nomination of the chosen person must be approved by two-thirds of the National Assembly, after its closed-door meeting with a panel of MPs.

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Since 2012, five men and one woman have successfully headed SQ.

Outgoing director Martin Prudhom declined to comment on his future in recent weeks. His representative, Anik Mungo, informed us that he declined ten interview requests.

Richard Dechens
2008 to 2012
In 2017, he was charged and then acquitted of fraud in connection with payments into a secret fund.

Mario La Presse
2012 to 2014
When he left, PQ member Pascal Biroby speculated that the Liberal government had removed him from office since he was appointed under another government.

Martin Prudhomme
2014 to 2021
Suspended with salary from March 2019 until his departure in August 2021.

Yves Morency
2017 to 2018
He acts as Martin Prudhomme will restore order to the Montreal police.

Mario Bouchard
He replaced Martin Prudhomme on a temporary basis between March and December.

Johann Beausoleil
2019 to 2021
She took over from Mario Bouchard.