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Rental project along the river in Levis

Rental project along the river in Levis

The Roc Pointe sur le rivière project, which will be built on the cliff of Saint-Nicolas, aims to provide a view of the river at a lower cost, according to its promoter.

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“A Little Corner of Heaven” is how Steven Bottin, president of CSB Group, introduced the new real estate complex to be built on a rocky outcrop, on the Rock Point strip, in San Nicolas.

The forest there was cut down and a cleft formed to allow a 180 degree view of the river. Seen from the top of the cliff, the building would be about the same height as the single-family homes built nearby, but viewed from the river, it would be seven stories tall.

From the river, the Roc Pointe sur le rivière project will have seven floors.  It will include 72 residential units for rent.

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From the river, the Roc Pointe sur le rivière project will have seven floors. It will include 72 residential units for rent.

“We wanted the river to be available to customers who do not have the financial resources to purchase expensive land like the current site. Here, 72 families will have a stunning view of the river without having to pay for the site currently,” Putin said, noting that rental projects of this type Not found anywhere else in the west of the city.

Three, four or five-room apartments as well as penthouses will be rented from the summer of 2022. There are already about thirty families on the waiting list. Lease signings will begin in September. For the average unit, you can expect to spend between $1,900 and $2,200 per month.

Mr. Putin said these rental apartments reach out to clients of pensioners, snowbirds and young professionals.

Major road modifications

For the mayor of Levis, Gilles Lhuillier, this project will provide an “exceptional living environment”. However, it will be necessary to modify the axis of the main road accordingly, to his consent, to accommodate the new residents. Thus, the city plans to add public transportation on the Marie-Victorian Road. Work is underway on other projects to modify the road and add a bike lane. The city denies doing the opposite by allowing development and then modification of transport infrastructure.

“It’s coming, and a turn of Route 116 is imminent. Starting this year, you’ll see on Route 116, a new traffic light will be installed that will be the first stone to transform into an urban street. […] And we have started working on Marie-Victorian concepts, particularly with regard to public transportation.”

As for the felling of trees in the Rock Point sector, the mayor believes that the preservation of green spaces has been followed according to plan.

“We are within the targets we have planned. The area of ​​the reserve, parks and green space ranges from 25% to 30%. The Mayor of Levis, Gilles Lhuillier, explained, “We are finishing the acquisition of other properties around to create a large park.

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