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Remy Gerrard takes a break

Remy Gerrard takes a break

You can currently see Rémy Girard in cinemas at Do you remember me? Written by Eric Tessier. It’s the main star, Edward, a man with amnesia.

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“François Arcambault’s text is very beautiful. My father did not have Alzheimer’s disease, he had vascular dementia, and eventually lost his memory. I saw how he reacted. In one sentence, he is no longer there. Little by little, the disease is taking hold,” the actor told us on the show. The first for the movie, at the Outremont Theatre.

This fall, we can also follow him into the final season of separation Where he plays Clement Francoeur. While the second season of android image Available on Club Illico starting January 5, Remy will take two months off before filming for the third season of the popular series begins in March. His wife Nadine Marchand, with whom he has been in a relationship for more than 20 years, will leave for three weeks in Europe, mainly in France and Italy.

Additionally, her son, Reno, who has cerebral palsy, is doing well. “He is 25 years old. He lives in my country house in Istria. He goes to Les Fantastiques de Magog day camp. He loves it.”

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