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Remote work: a change in course that does not satisfy workers

Remote work: a change in course that does not satisfy workers

Nearly a year after their employer promised them the remote work policy would be permanent, workers at US insurer Farmers Group are complaining about having to go to the office three days a week.

Since new CEO Raul Vargas announced last month that his staff would be back in the office three days a week, discontent has run rampant among Farmers Group employees.

Promised that the work-from-home policy is here to stay, many have made important life choices, including selling their cars, expanding their work-at-home space, or even moving to another city.

And so many employees revolted on the online social media platform dedicated to Farmers Group employees, some even crying out for unionization, according to what the Wall Street Journal saw.

I sold my house and moved closer to the grandchildren. It is very sad that I made a huge financial decision based on a lie,” a claims management employee wrote in a post.

Others have even been hired as remote workers. “Sounds like a disgusting coup, frankly,” said another employee in the medical claims department, adding that the company had promised him the remote work policy was here to stay.

On the part of the management of the farmer’s group, this change of course is believed to be aimed at “combining the best of both worlds”.

It’s a way to have “everything we got from flexible virtual work with all the teamwork and collaboration we get when we work together in the office,” Vargas said in an email sent to employees.

The company states that the change will only be effective from September to give employees time to adjust.

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