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Remedy (Alan Wake) is looking for new talent for her studio in Sweden |  Xbox One

Remedy (Alan Wake) is looking for new talent for her studio in Sweden | Xbox One

The cold doesn’t scare you and you want to go on an adventure to get your first video game developer job? Try your luck with Remedy, who will soon open a branch in Sweden.

The land of Zlatan opens its doors to you

Remedy is rapidly expanding and looking for new profiles to make up its future team of developers who will take control of its Swedish subsidiary.

This is how we can summarize the message that appeared on their website on Friday, November 12, when the company presented its latest quarterly report.

The application is open for several months, as the recruitment process will not end until the end of 2022.

As for those wondering if they stand a chance of getting a contract, know that Remedy is looking for at least 25 developers who will be responsible for creating the studio’s “cool games of the future.”

The offices of this new branch will open in mid-2022 in the heart of Stockholm.

Remedy understands that every profile is different and intends to create a harmonious workspace for everyone, no matter how each profile works.

James Salt, who is in charge of this branch explains the following:

We know that every profile is different, that they have different needs, and that there are days when they’d prefer to work differently.

Some days it’s best to focus on headphones and work on something fun. Whereas at other times, for example when it is time to work on the planning program, it may be better to have face-to-face meetings.

Our hybrid model aims to allow our employees to choose the way of working that works best for them, regardless of the time.

We are pleased to continue this initiative and expand our presence in the Nordic countries of Sweden.

Do you want to integrate Remedy? go to page career path career path from the studio.

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