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Remains of missing Australian found in two crocodiles

Remains of missing Australian found in two crocodiles

Sydney, Australia | AFP | Wednesday 02/05/2023 – He went fishing in crocodile-infested waters: The remains of a missing Australian man were found inside two reptiles, local police said on Wednesday.

The 65-year-old man, identified by Australian media as Kevin Darmody, went fishing with locals in North Queensland state (northeast) on Saturday, police said.

According to law enforcement, the group intercepted an alligator so they began fishing. Cairns Police Inspector Mark Henderson said witnesses then “heard the man screaming and shouting very loudly, followed by a large splash”.

Rangers armed with rifles later shot dead two meters-long crocodiles in Lakefield National Park, where the group had gathered.

Expertise carried out on the two reptiles “unfortunately led to the identification of the remains of a missing man”, declared the inspector, who described the “sad result”.

He was a “very nice man”, said Mr Henderson, a pub manager from a rural village.

The region’s wildlife affairs officer Michael Joyce warned Queensland was “crocodile country”.

“If you’re on the water, especially if you’re in Lakefield, which is (a site) specifically designated for alligator protection, you should expect alligators in that water.”

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