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REM from the East: 'Another trick', as Gérard Beaudé thinks

REM from the East: ‘Another trick’, as Gérard Beaudé thinks

interview in show all morning Friday, Mr. Baudet does not understand why group [peut-être] Rule and party at the same time and make everything sure and vice versa.

CDPQ Infra initially refused a subway route that was to pass under downtown Montreal. A terrible disaster, the collapse of downtown buildingsCDPQ Infra predicted, Mr. Beaudet recalled.

But she was wrong, the plague of Mr. Peabody. This is the mentality of CDPQ Infra on this project, and [cela montre] Lack of respect for residents, experts and people who ask questions, Confirms.

However, the proposed tunnel under the city center will make it possible to build a rear station. Mr. Beaudette comments that For a $10 billion project, one would expect the experts to admit that they had never thought of such a thing. For him, this project It’s obviously impromptu, it’s a plan of action.

Gérard Beaudy, Emeritus Urban Planner and Emeritus Professor at the School of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture at the University of Montreal

Photo: Radio Canada/Fanny Borrell

The interest of the people in eastern Montreal is being pushed aside by CDPQ Infra You want to export technology, you want to show [qu’elle] able to achieve it, and the population becomes a Test bench, guinea pig, regardless of consequences or outcomeMr. Beauday continues.

For him, he wants CDPQ Infra Enter the device between the complexes of Guy-Favreau and Desjardins, with access ramp NS Get off the highway. Can’t wait to see This horrific device between real estate complexes.

“ugly device”

Mr. Beaudet adds more by saying that South, there is an architectural treatment In particular, CDPQ Infra wants to introduce a file ugly device With a slope and a sloping apron. We’ve been told it’s a high-quality design, a testament to the great attention CDPQ Infra takes to the urban environment.But for him this is nonsense.

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Especially since he says Caisse’s ad is aimed at Silencing a small part of the disagreement can accommodate the solution by looking at the project with very narrow ambiguities, And so on People flock to East Montreal, and we pass over our heads, no matter what.

Mr. Beaudet regrets that CDPQ Infra did not consult all public transport actors in the metropolitan area prior to its launch in REM East. according to him, We pass on ARTM, City of Montreal, Montreal Metropolitan Community, the fund has Barely accountable to the Quebec government.

Fantastic needs

However, he acknowledges that the need for public transportation in eastern Montreal is enormous, but that’s not happening The proportion of people from the east who work in the city center is relatively small. In this context, mobility needs Not the ones offered by REM. The city planner was surprised that CDPQ Infra has started Through infrastructure development, the [qu’ensuite elle] Try to match the needs from public transportation.

Beaudette thinks it must be the other way around. For him, Caisse should have assessed mobility needs by evaluating the modes of transportation available, and evaluating the best possible combinations. To please as many people as possibleAnd take into account costs.

CDPQ Infra has not provided any such data, Beaudette says, and that’s the problem. This is why I object to the nature of this process, not just the technical aspects of the REM East project.Concludes.